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I wonder why do people fall in love easily. They fall in love over and over again even though they knew from the start that they’ll get hurt at the end.

The meaning of love, I really don’t know. Maybe I haven’t found the right one for me to describe what is love. Maybe I’m too young to take love seriously.

Soulmates, Destiny and Prince Charming. I have lived my entire childhood believing its true. That those things happen in real life. Maybe it do happen, for those who found them. But for me, I don’t really believe in those words. They are just imaginations made by people who are searching for their happiness.

Love will only cause you pain. No matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you feel secure when you are with them, no matter what happens in the future, at the end of the day, they will just hurt you.

Take a risk, they said. But are you willing to take the risk if you already knew the outcome?

Why do people fall in love so easily? (via yoursweetestdownfalls)

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